The UK’s PSTN network will switch off in 2025

What’s happening?

From the outdated analogue public switched telephone network (PSTN) to a completely digital network, we are migrating all networks. We’ve already gotten going. By the time Openreach stops providing the PSTN (and ISDN) service in 2025, we want to have shifted everyone over. By that time, every phone line in the UK will be digital, and calls will no longer be forwarded over the PSTN but rather over IP (Internet Protocol).

When we say ‘everyone…’?

We do mean everybody. both work and home. You also need to consider other things outside your phone services. It’s all of your non-voice services connected to PSTN or ISDN lines, which now use the outdated phone network. such as fax machines, door entry systems, EPOS machines, alarms, and CCTV.

Sounds a bit drastic. Why are we doing it?

For many years, the PSTN served as the foundation of the UK’s phone system. But during the past few years, particularly more lately, we have all witnessed the significant developments in technology. Smartphones, apps, the cloud, Zoom, the Internet of Things, and other technologies are all around us.

You probably don’t pay much attention to the supporting infrastructure that keeps everything running. The telephone lines that are strewn over the streets and the tangle of underground copper wires, some of which date back to the 19th century, are both examples of this.

So IP is better than PSTN?

Yes. The PSTN network, which is a mostly 20th century technology, is becoming more out of step with what is required of modern communications. Everyone has far higher expectations as more people convert to mobile and internet communications than what the old technology were intended to provide. That’s why we’re making the transition to IP. It’s time to abandon PSTN and embrace the limitless potential of digital.

What about the rest of the world, what are they doing?

Everywhere, the transition to digital is occurring quickly. Phone companies all around the world are switching from analogue to digital as technology and consumer behavior change. Sweden, Japan, and Germany have made the transition before we have. Since they are already present and have turned off their PSTN networks are Estonia and the Netherlands.

2025. That’s years away. Why are we talking about this now? 

There may be a lot of planning to do, so you should get started now. Don’t forget that it’s not only about calls. Review all of the devices you have connected to your phone lines, such as alarms and door entry systems. Many companies have already adopted an all-digital business strategy, transferring their communications to the cloud, placing conversations online, and utilizing video conferencing.

Will we be better off with digital?

It’s not simply that the old phone system is, well, old that we’re switching to all-digital. Because digital only communications are so much superior, this is the case. You will be able to make and receive calls from the same number on any device, wherever you are, even at the most basic level. By integrating video chat, calls, and collaboration into your company apps and systems, you’ll be closer to both your customers and your coworkers. Additionally, since everything is on the cloud, you may work from any location and access systems from anywhere.

It makes sense to put on your skates and transition to digital as soon as you can when you take IP’s potential cheaper expenses into account. You don’t have to wait until the last minute.


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