Solar Energy

The earth is in a climate emergency. We all need to take action. You can be a part of the solution by installing solar on your commercial rooftop.

Bluetone Bespoke can help you develop your premises into a sustainable, money saving and carbon saving asset. You can choose between a fully funded agreement or to self-fund the project.

Fully funded finance option

A fully funded agreement is where Solar PV (Photovoltaic) panels are fitted to your roof and connected to your electricity supply directly. You, the client, pay nothing upfront; the panels are free. Instead, you agree to lease your roof space to our selected Solar partner, who own the panels for a period of 25 years. During this time, our Solar partner owns the power generated and sells it to you. Crucially, the power sold to you from the solar on your roof is much lower in price than your current energy provider. This means that you save money from day 1. The Solar provider insures, operates, maintains and manages the system for the full term of the agreement.

Self-fund option

A self-funded solar pv system is where you will pay for the equipment yourself and you wholly-own the system from day 1. You will need to factor in Operation and Maintenance (O&M), insurance and business rates costs. You will need to recoup your initial investment (currently averages between 4 to 6 years) before you make your real savings.

Bluetone Bespoke offer a range of energy solutions include solar rooftop, battery storage, LED lighting, electric vehicle charging and replacement roofing.

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