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Introducing Our Newest Offering: Streamlined Payment Solutions with Dojo

At Bluetone Bespoke, we believe in equipping your business with the tools you need to focus on what truly matters. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Dojo, a leader in the UK payment industry, designed to supercharge your business and simplify your everyday operations.

Seamless Payments, Faster Transactions

With Dojo’s innovative technology, you can serve your customers quicker than ever before. Their next-gen card machines enable payments that are 80% faster than the industry standard, significantly reducing waiting times and enhancing your customer service.

Get Paid Promptly, Every Time

Say goodbye to lengthy payment processing times. With Dojo, you’ll receive your takings from as early as 10am the following day. This means better cash flow management and more time to focus on growing your business.

Uncompromised Security

Your income security is our priority. All transactions made through Dojo are PCI compliant, featuring point-to-point encryption as standard. This ensures your payments are not just fast, but also secure and reliable.

No Long-Term Commitment

We understand that flexibility is key to the success of your business. That’s why Dojo offers contract terms starting from just one month, allowing you to adapt your payment solutions as your business evolves. And with no hidden fees, you can expect crystal-clear pricing with no unexpected surprises.

In partnership with Dojo, we’re proud to offer payment solutions that work as hard as you do. From speeding up transactions to ensuring prompt payments and top-tier security, our new payment solutions are designed to take the hassle out of running your business.

Are you ready to supercharge your business with Dojo’s streamlined payment solutions? Get in touch with our team at Bluetone Bespoke today to learn more about this exciting new addition to our service portfolio.

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