Bluetone Bespoke MBS partners with Eden Sustainable

Bluetone Bespoke MBS partners with Eden Sustainable
23 JANUARY 2023

Bluetone Bespoke Managed Business Solutions (BBMBS), an award-winning major supplier to businesses in the South of England, has partnered with Eden Sustainable, an award-winning commercial and industrial solar rooftop expert in the UK, to provide market leading renewable energy solutions saving organisations money and carbon.

Eden Sustainable provides nature-friendly renewable energy solutions including solar PV, EVCPs and battery storage systems that enable businesses to save on energy costs, and at the same time help the environment recover and recuperate. The earth is in a climate emergency, and we all need to take action. Businesses, from SMEs to multinationals, can be part of the solution by installing solar on their commercial rooftops. Eden offers self-funded and zero capital solutions (PPA’s), reducing companies’ electricity rates by up to 73%.

Bluetone Bespoke MBS aims to help business owners develop their premises into sustainable, money saving and carbon saving assets. The BBMBS-Eden Sustainable partnership provides businesses with the expertise to fully maximise the amount of money and carbon saved with a renewable energy project, with various finance options to suit your business’ needs.

The UK is now on the verge of facing an age where gearing towards sustainability and renewable energy is no longer an option, but now proves to be the only practical and logical solution. This partnership between the two award-winning companies ignites opportunities for all its upcoming clients to be guided and shown the proper path to savings and caring for the environment. BBMBS and Eden Sustainable’s combined expertise and reputation make it an easy decision for businesses to go solar”.

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