Avoid Disruption and do Business from Home

It has become quite clear that when the world unlocks from the COVID 19 pandemic, working from home will be an essential goal for any business strategy.

Bluetone wants to be an integral part of your strategy.  Our VoIP system allows you to work from home or anywhere there is a wireless connection.  Once hooked up you can connect to your business telephone system.

As well as being able to provide a landline solution we can also have available a quick fix to allow the workforce the ability to work from home.   Our 30 day rolling mobile contract options on our Bluetone platform (O2 network) allow you the flexibility to increase or decrease your resource requirements on a month by month basis to meet your business needs.

We are also currently helping our clients through the issues arising from the new “furloughing of staff” and offering them savings were appropriate and possible.

As a business, we specialise in customising our plans to our clients’ individual needs, as each company is so different.  Please call us on 0800 470 4707 and speak to either Andrew or James.  They will talk through your requirements and offer a solution specific to your needs.


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