5G is here..

Summed up:

5G or Fifth Generation Mobile Internet began its UK launch back in spring this year and is now available on 4 networks: EE, Three, Vodafone and O2 in a limited number of towns and cities across the country, with full coverage expected by 2022.  South Korea was the first to launch 5G in April this year, with countries such as the UK, US & China following suit.  The global rollout is expected to continue steadily throughout 2020.  The offering is enticing with speeds expected of up to 100 x that of 4G and 2000 x faster than 3G.  5G itself won’t replace the current 4G & 3G networks, but will work alongside them ensuring faster download & upload speeds, more reliable connections, delay free downloads & buffer free streaming.  The future is exciting with the time it takes to connect with each other decreasing as well as our ability to connect with buildings, transport and services increasing.   It will also help to support the imminent AI revolution..

As yet there are only a small number of handsets that support 5G, but as more networks offer it and the coverage expands, more products will enter the market.  Anyone who would like to discuss the possibilities with us now, please give us call on our Freephone number: 0800 470 4707.

For more information on 5G phones available now check out this article:

Tech Radar: 5G Phones: these are the first next gen- handsets


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